Day: May 22, 2020

Is Insomnia the new normal?

How often have you heard the phrase, “Early to bed and early to rise (makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise)” This emphasized that someone who gets enough sleep and starts work early in the day will have a successful life? Compare this to the statement made in November 2017, by Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix “You get a show or a movie […]

8 Qualities for Coping with ‘Changing Managerial Challenges Changing’

Rapidity, Complexity, and Frequency of changes (RCF) occurring constantly are key factors that managers have to deal in today’s ever-changing environment.  Further there is a pressure to achieve not just targets but deliver results within a limited period.  So we call this a Changing Managerial Challenges Changing, for the RCF of tomorrow may be different […]

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