PR+Digital – Is `pr-I-git-all’ the new mantra?

Many Mantras, Many Models!  and in all this one may wonder as to why another new name or concept.  When i shared the term PRIGITALL, someone told me it sounded like some medicine.  That made me quite happy — for PRIGITALL is a tonic to boost media exposures in changing times.


We want to look at interesting techniques of Public Relations that are used in conjunction with Digital Media and other forms to amplify a message and optimize or maximize the reach.

Convergence is a term that has been widely used and abused.  First one thought it was about technology, then one thought it was about a device, and then one started to talk about convergence as a tool.  Whatever the definition of convergence — the fact that the finger has become more and more powerful, for just a click as a form of response makes the message spread and sometimes viral.

Be it a old conventional mouse, or a touch screen on your phone or laptop — all that one has to do is click at the right place or touch the right button to spread the message.

A newspaper report or a video is shared on the Internet, through various tools like micro-blogging, social media, media sharing, social bookmarking   and other methods.  That is the simplest form of amplification.

Public Relations was all about Third Party testimonial in terms of coverage in the media through editorials to evoke a better response from the readers and elicit a quicker action. This was in direct competition with Advertising.   The key was the message and PR being editorial led was more preferred to advertising.

In the first two phases of the digital world, people have concentrated on sharing information, and then making it interactive as key performance criteria.  Now emerges the concept of “Friendvertising –  where familiarity and referrals have become imperative to spread your messages.

Message is still a unified one, but has to be contextualized according to the medium and tool.  Indeed combining techniques of Public Relations and Digital World, and Lots More – Truly PRIGITALL!

A Communications & Marketing Consultant, with about three decades of rich experience across various management disciplines, Interests include: International Politics, Management, Marketing, Wellness, Indian Music, Theater, Reading and Writing.

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